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Jean X Men

X-Men: Phoenix Resurrection - Die Rückkehr von Jean Grey eBook: Rosenberg, Matthew, Yu, Leinil Francis, Petz, Jürgen: Kindle-Shop. Oct 16, - jean grey x men movie | Jean Gray X Men Movie Official xmen costume jean. Die X-Men leben nach den Geschehnissen am Alkali Lake ihr Leben weiter. Einzig Scott/Cyclops zieht sich zurück, da er den Tod von Jean nicht verkraften.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Die X-Men leben nach den Geschehnissen am Alkali Lake ihr Leben weiter. Einzig Scott/Cyclops zieht sich zurück, da er den Tod von Jean nicht verkraften. Wann tauchen Jean Grey und die Phoenix Force in den X-Men-Comics auf? Ihren ersten Auftritt feierte Jean Grey in X-Men #1 im Jahre - Erkunde Amy Merkurs Pinnwand „dark phoenix x-men“ auf Pinterest​. Weitere Ideen zu jean grey, famke janssen, x men.

Jean X Men Jean's Dark Future Video

Top 10 Badass Jean Grey Scenes (X-Men)

Jean Elaine Gray ist eine fiktive Superheldin, die in amerikanischen Comics von Marvel Comics erscheint. Der Charakter ist unter den Decknamen Marvel Girl, Phoenix und Dark Phoenix bekannt. Dr. Jean Grey alias Phoenix ist einX-Men-Mitglied und, genau wie Professor X, ein Telepath. Jean Grey, früherMarvel Girl, ist ein Gründungsmitglied derX-Men. Sie ist die einzige Mutantin der. benutzt die achtjährige Jean Grey versehentlich ihre Telekinese, um einen Autounfall zu verursachen, bei dem ihre Eltern ums Leben kommen. Either prior to, or shortly after the disbanding of the X-Men, Jean would leave Cyclops after a long relationship to pursue a romance with Scott's rival for Jean's affections, Wolverine. The Most Anticipated Movies to Stream in February Diane Adamson. A young prostitute in Washington, D. The time travel also caused her suppressed telepathic powers to awaken much earlier in her life than they were supposed to. Stan Lee. In the Amalgam Comics community, Jean Grey was combined with DC's Fire to create Firebird. Goofs Mystique's, Cyclops's, Beast's, Storm's, Jean's, Quicksilver's, and Nightcrawler's mutant abilities do not allow them to survive space. Online Marvel Wanted Patrick Stewart to Die Hebamme 1 Stream as Professor X, But Logan Changed That Plan 26 January MovieWeb Who Should Michael Fassbender Play In The Marvel The Purge – Die Säuberung Besetzung Universe? Jean and her team are seen en route to the SEAR to aid Hawkeye. Famke Janssen, Actress: X-Men: The Last Stand. Famke Janssen was born November 5, , in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, and has two other siblings. Moving to America in the s, she modeled for Chanel in New York. Later, taking a break from modeling, she attended Columbia University, majoring in literature. This model-turned-actress broke into Hollywood in the early sezenstil.comtion: Actress, Writer, Director. 6/7/ · Directed by Simon Kinberg. With James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult. Jean Grey begins to develop incredible powers that corrupt and turn her into a Dark Phoenix, causing the X-Men to decide if her life is worth more than all of humanity/10(K).
Jean X Men Official Sites. Retrieved 30 July In a final act of desperation Jean finds Hulk and locks Dogs Of Berlin Kritik Bruce Banner's mind, leaving only the Hulk in control so he can fight Onslaught unencumbered. Jean Grey has always counted herself as something of a fashionista, the X-Men equivalent of the Avengers' Wasp (who runs her own fashion line). When Xavier finally gave the original five X-Men permission to stop wearing their dour training uniforms, it was Jean Grey who redesigned their outfits. Jean is one of the only X-Men who never assumes a code-name, indicating that she is unafraid if the world at large learns of her mutant identity. Jean Grey from X-men 3. During this time, however, it is later revealed that a wary Xavier made the decision to place a series of psychic blocks on Jean's mind, limiting her powers. Trivia According to Callisto, Jean was the only "class five" mutant she had ever encountered. Jean is the only notable member of the X-Men not to have a codename during her tenure on the team. Jean assumed the moniker of "Phoenix" under different circumstances. In the original timeline, Phoenix was. Jean Grey Kills Cyclops Scene | X-Men The Last Stand () Movie Clip#XMen #TheLastStandTM & © Fox ()Fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of. Gold Team. Jean becomes a member of the X-Men's "Gold Team" led by Storm when X-Factor joins with Xavier. When her physical body dies in a Sentinel attack, Jean survives by transferring her psyche into the body of the comatose Emma Frost. While in Emma's body, Jean uses telekinesis, an ability that Emma never used. Peter Parker AKA Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Sky Grey Schick. Magneto und Xavier betreten das Haus und jeder versucht, Jean bzw.

She lured many of them to her kingdom, though most of them died after having been used by her for a while. Queen Jean also traveled to the main universe where she replaced Nate Grey's companion, Madelyne Pryor , wormed her way into Nate's mind, and returned to her world with him as her weapon.

However, Nate broke free and fought against her, culminating in her draining the life-force of all her "subjects" in an attempt to use the power to kill him.

He eventually kills her by creating a sun around her, burning her to death. Ironically some time later, Madelyne Pryor herself would use the "Red Queen" moniker.

A young prostitute in Washington, D. New Excalibur battles an evil counterpart of the Jean Grey, who is a member of the Shadow-X , the X-Men of an alternative reality in which Professor X was possessed by the Shadow King.

They are brought to Earth as a result of M-Day. This counterpart of Jean seemed to have access to the Phoenix Force too. In New Excalibur 24 she was stabbed in the shoulder with a broadsword by Petrie, one of Albion 's Shadow Captains de-powered mutants given ability-enhancing suits.

After beating him, she used her power to gain the knowledge necessary to deactivate the device Albion had used to nullify London's supply of electricity.

The energy required to perform this, as well as the blood loss caused by the stab wound, killed her. In the Ultimate Marvel continuity, Jean Grey is a responsible, but extroverted young woman; scathingly sarcastic and a bit of a tease, and she secretly reads other people's minds, particularly the other members of the X-Men.

Early in the series, she has very short, cropped hair and prefers to dress in a rocker type style. Eventually, she becomes more mature and wears clothes that are more conservative, and grows her hair somewhat longer.

She has a brief affair with Wolverine , but when Wolverine reveals how he was originally sent to kill Professor X , Jean is angry and ends the relationship.

She later begins to date Cyclops although she is occasionally frustrated by his shyness. Xavier found Jean Grey while she was in a mental hospital, having problems controlling her telepathy and having troublesome visions of a Phoenix raptor.

It is established at the start of the series that her age is She was Xavier's second student after Cyclops. The exact nature of the Phoenix in the Ultimate Universe has not been revealed, but very often Jean is haunted by visions and hallucinations of the Phoenix early in the Ultimate timeline.

The powers seem to reveal themselves when Jean gets angry. It appears, due to tests conducted in Ultimate X-Men 71, that the Phoenix is an actual entity and not an uncovered aspect of Jean's own mind.

According to the Fire and Brimstone story arc, Jean's Phoenix powers come from the Phoenix God , although Xavier does not believe this.

Jean kills many members of the Hellfire club in a fit of Phoenix powered rage before Xavier calms her down.

Much later in the story, Jean uses her Phoenix powers often. She starts with her powers out of her control due to her anger, accidentally killing two mercenaries who were attacking the X-Men.

She feels guilty over the incident for weeks, but after a while, she manifests signs of the Phoenix, beginning to draw upon more and more of the residual Phoenix energies buried within her mind to help the X-Men on several occasions, combating Magneto and the deceptive and manipulative Magician.

It has been revealed that Jean envisions imaginary tiny, green goblins carrying out her telekinetic activities.

When the man from the future, Cable, attacks the X-Men, he kidnaps Jean Grey, but she is later rescued by the X-Men and Bishop.

After Professor X's apparent death, Jean has become the headmistress of the school, along with Cyclops. She did not join Bishop's new team of X-Men, but has assisted the team when needed, often butting heads with Cyclops over when to help and when not to help.

Further down the line, The X-Men hunt Sinister down, finding him in the Morlock tunnels slaughtering several Morlocks in order to reach his goal; to be reborn as Apocalypse.

He has the power to control mutants and brings former X-Men Cyclops, Jean, Iceman, Rogue, and Toad to NYC for a giant survival battle royal.

The Fantastic Four intercept Cyclops' team, where Sue Storm traps Jean in a force field, rendering her a mere spectator. Jean is broken free of the bubble when Professor X, able to walk, uses his telepathy to free her and the other reserve X-Men, leaving her to subdue the other team of X-Men and the Morlocks.

She hesitantly calls for help when Apocalypse puts Xavier on the brink of death and the Phoenix Force responds, physically manifesting herself and merging with Jean to fight Apocalypse.

Having fully merged with the Phoenix, Jean reverts recent history, allowing the X-Men to remember. She then travels across the universe, causing war and suicide among different races.

When she reaches her destination, the Silver Surfer arrives to warn her but she pushes on to find Heaven. Jean later inexplicably turns up at the Mansion and resettles with the X-Men.

When Alpha Flight kidnaps Northstar , Jean strives to push the X-Men to fight harder, especially when Cyclops leaves to protect Colossus, Rogue, Dazzler, and Angel, who were using Banshee to rescue Northstar.

Unfortunately, they believe they've failed and become Banshee addicts. Jean leads her X-Men to deal with Colossus but falls into a trance, having visions of her father, who tells her not to push her friends to failure.

She recovers Northstar, crippled from the waist down, and less aggressive. Everyone but Scott returns home, so Jean tracks him into space, where he is staring down at Earth, feeling omnipotent.

Jean reminds him he's in need, provoking him into attacking her. During the ensuing fight Banshee were wears off and Scott almost succumbs to vacuum.

Jean encompassed him in her fire. During the events of the Ultimate Marvel crossover event Ultimatum, Magneto's Manhattan tidal wave kills Nightcrawler and Dazzler.

Scott, Jean, and Logan go as the "original X-Men" to stop Magneto once and for all. The remaining X-Men along with the Fantastic Four, Ultimates, and SHIELD assault Magneto's base, during which they lose several more members including Wolverine, who has his Adamantium ripped from his bones by Magneto.

In the end Magneto is defeated when Jean downloads Nick Fury's memories into Magneto, which reveals that mutants are not the next stage of human evolution, but rather a super-soldier experiment gone wrong.

Horrified by the truth, Magneto surrenders, and Cyclops executes him with his optic blast. Soon after, Jean is in Washington with the remaining X-Men, where Cyclops makes a speech, attempting to bring peace to the anti-mutant hostilities and to ask that all mutants surrender to the government.

He is then assassinated by Quicksilver, who lodges a bullet into his skull. Scott dies in the arms of Storm and Colossus, while Rogue rushes a distraught Jean to safety.

Jean is later seen in Ultimate X-Men Requiem alongside Rogue and Iceman tearing down the Xavier Institute and everything on the estate.

They bury the bodies of the various deceased X-Men on the estate's remains. Jean then moves to Baltimore, dying her hair black under the alias of Karen Grant.

She begins working at a shopping mall called Cherry Square Shopping Center, and is now in a relationship with the mall cop, Dave. She has been living in Baltimore for 3 or 4 months but uses her telepathy to make people believe she had worked there for 3 years.

Jean discovers that Dave has put her photo on Facebook, making her angry and culminating in separation. Not much later Mystique and Sabretooth show up and a fight starts, leaving Dave dead.

Meanwhile, at home, packing up to disappear, Jean meets the son of Wolverine, Jimmy, for the first time. One night, Jimmy is attacked by Sabretooth.

Jean had sought Bruce Banner for help and a fight ensues. Quicksilver then arrives with his newly formed Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy, but is defeated by Jean and her recruits.

Nicholas Fury reveals that the team Jean made was part of the Xavior Protocols, and that he is willing to help mutants on the run from the government.

He later enlists them in S. Jean and her team are seen en route to the SEAR to aid Hawkeye. Nick Fury reveals that Jean is using her telekinetic powers to make the brothers believe she is in Tian in order to have an "inside man" when she is really in America.

However, a recent meeting between Karen and Zorn implies that she may be double crossing Fury, as she is physically in Tian as well as revealing her real identity as Jean Grey.

She sends a spy to keep tabs on what Kitty is up to with Reservation X. In What If 27, Jean Grey was not the last X-Man standing during the fight with the Imperial Guard and was successfully 'lobotomised', remaining with the X-Men as mansion staff, eventually re-manifesting her powers when a mission to aid the Shi'ar forced the X-Men to fight Galactus so that Jean could drive him away.

Although she appeared redeemed from her past, her Phoenix persona secretly manifested itself at night to feed on dead worlds and uninhabited stars until Jean was confronted about her actions, her resulting anger when discovered causing her to lash out and accidentally kill the X-Men, her guilt and grief result in her consuming the entire universe as the entire Phoenix was unleashed.

Another version of Phoenix remained powerless and happily married to Cyclops until an attack by Mastermind caused her to remember her true origin, prompting her to kill the original Jean Grey to keep her new life.

Although she tried to help the X-Men in secret, she was eventually convinced to leave Earth when Destiny told her that only death and destruction would result if she remained on Earth.

In another story, Vulcan ends up inside the M'kraan Crystal instead of Professor X, and from there he gained the power of the Phoenix Force after entering the White Hot Room and killing all the Phoenix's hosts.

Using the Phoenix Force he destroys seven galaxies, the entire Annihilation Wave, the Shi'ar and Kree Empires before travelling to Earth. Using the Phoenix Force, he restores Krakoa before engaging in battle with Cyclops, Havok, Rachel and Cable.

Vulcan appears to be winning until a strange outside force causes Vulcan to lose control of the Phoenix Force. After a brief mental battle between Vulcan and his family, Vulcan accepts his defeat by letting go of the rage and hate inside him as he dies.

As the host of the Phoenix Force, Vulcan travels to the White Hot Room, where he reverts to the form of a child, and is comforted by the strange force who reveals to Gabriel that wielding the ultimate power would not give him what he truly wanted, which was the wish of being loved.

The force then reveals herself to be Jean Grey, White Phoenix of the Crown. As she reclaims the power from Vulcan it's revealed that it was Jean that had helped Rachel and Havok escape from the Shi'ar Empire by opening a teleportation portal to Earth before the Empire's fall at the hands of Vulcan, and it was her that prevented Vulcan from fully accessing the Phoenix Force in Krakoa.

In X-Men Noir , Jean Grey is depicted as the grifter for the X-Men, a group of sociopathic teenagers recruited by Professor Charles Xavier.

Adept at running scams, she had a reputation of controlling the minds of men. She is seemingly found murdered, covered in slash marks, in the opening of the series.

She is also revealed to be a complete sociopath , who does what she does not because of any past trauma, but because that's just what she is.

She then dies when she is tackled off the roof of a building by Robert Halloway. In Chris Claremont 's X-Men Forever , Jean is in nearly all respects the same character as the mainline Marvel Universe character.

After dealing with Logan's loss Jean began a relationship with the Beast but it ended after he sacrificed himself.

With this power, she is able to read people's minds, put what she is thinking in other people's minds, and can even control people and animals.

There is a lot of telepathy in the X-Men universe, but she is an omega-level telepath with a very powerful mind. Her telepathy powers are even stronger than Professor X's She can scramble someone's mind and change their lives forever with just one single thought.

Maybe Jean Grey's most powerful ability is the control of her mind and being on the side of the good guys when she has control of herself. Home Lists X-Men: All Of Jean Grey's Powers, Ranked.

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Famke Janssen was born November 5, , in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, and has two other siblings. Moving to America in the s, she modeled for Chanel in New York.

Later, taking a break from modeling, she attended Columbia University, majoring in literature. This model-turned-actress broke into Hollywood in the early s.

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Share this page:. Other feats included activating every offensive capability of a SHIELD helicarrier, including launching Sentinel units, and Jean was only defeated in battle after being worn down by the current, future, and original X-Men teams in X-Men: Battle of the Atom 2.

Even then, she wasn't overpowered - teenage Jean simply managed to crack her mask, which turned out to be the only thing keeping her jaw-dropping power in check.

Chiding Hank McCoy for meddling with the time stream, the Watcher Uatu shows him some of the outcomes of his actions - good futures which are now impossible, as well as dark futures which may never come to pass.

Distressingly, one of these dark futures includes the natural progression of the teen Jean Grey's life if she remains in the present.

Uatu explains:. In your heart you thought whatever happens to Jean Grey now must be better than her original, horrible fate.

Because you couldn't image anything worse than everything she had been through.

Tuschee zur Freude gab es gleich doppelt: Im Jahrestrend steuert n-tv mit einem Marktanteil von 1,2 Prozent bei den Zuschauern ab 3 Jahren auf Jean X Men bisher beste Jahr seiner Disneys Große Pause Episodenguide zu. - Wann tauchen Jean Grey und die Phoenix Force in den X-Men-Comics auf?

Ihren ersten Auftritt feierte Jean Grey in X-Men 1 im Jahre